Application for Parker’s Purpose Foundation Assistance


Application for Parker’s Purpose Foundation Assistance Who Can Receive Assistance? Any family who has a minor (18 and under) with a life altering illness or disability that is in an immediate financial crisis due to unforeseen medical expenses. Families who live in Ohio will be first priority in providing assistance but will extend outside the state if deemed necessary. What Type of Assistance Do We Provide? Monetary assistance. These funds can be used as the recipient deems fit to help with their situation. Ability to assist in promoting awareness if needed. How Much Assistance Do We Provide? Up to $1000. A recipient may only receive a grant once in a two year time span. How Are Assistance Decisions Made? The Parker’s Purpose Executive Committee makes decisions based on the financial and emotional needs of each applicant. The foundation reviews a completed application and awards grants on an as-needed basis, contingent on funds being available. Once recipients of grants have been approved, funds will be available within 4 weeks. Please fill-out the form below (minimum 250 words to explain your situation) to submit your information. Download and print application here. All fields are required below.


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